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 About Designmate

Designmate - Eureka.inDesignmate has been in operation for more than 25 years as a 3D production house developing creative eContent for K12 education. We pioneer in animations and use of graphics to simplify concepts of Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
The eContent created is a unique combination of 3D videos, simulations, experiments, learning activities, quizzes, texts, images, weblinks & learning objects known as Eureka...

 About Designmate

 Stereoscopic eContent - Advance learning method

E-Learning Stereoscopy Designmate believes students across the world would enjoy understanding complex topics of science in 3D stereoscopy version making learning fun & exciting just like watching movies. Our eContent is the only curriculum available in stereovision.
The impact of stereo on a student’s memory is amazing and leaves a wow factor in teaching methodologies... 3D Animations Library - Education Software for schools Eureka has a competitive edge in animation effects & technology integration. Its ability to render into HD/ stereo vision – will keep Eureka at least 2 to 3 years ahead of it's competition. In real terms, Eureka is the only single supplier software which meets the norms on the account of being the 3D animated multilingual software... Animation Library

 Universal Curriculum

Universal Curriculum Creative quality 3D eContent available for primary and secondary curriculums with all topics focusing on making K12 education a fun and amazing way of learning.
The science, biology, physics and chemistry content is dynamic and can be custom used by teachers and students for teaching in a classroom environment... Animation Library
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